Clear New Year’s Resolutions, in Your Own Time

Clear New Year's Resolutions, in Your Own Time

2020 poll of 2,000 Americans revealed that it takes just 32 days for the average person to finally break their resolution(s), while 68 percent of Americans report giving up their resolutions even sooner than that. The poll also revealed that one in seven Americans “never actually believe they’ll see their resolution through in the first place.” The top two reasons for unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions are lack of discipline and lack of time and busy schedules.

I started Marcie Walker LLC to help clients own their circumstances and take control of their lives by providing practical tools. I believe change and progress can be achieved through the right tools and techniques. The new year is a great time to start new goals and make changes in your life, but don’t let the peer pressure of the season create stress. Start by making meaningful changes when you are ready. Achieve success this year by adding a happy spin to your new year’s resolutions and creating CLEAR goals.

How to achieve your New Year’s resolutions by creating CLEAR Goals

To create and achieve your new year’s resolutions, create CLEAR Goals. 

What are CLEAR goals?

CLEAR goals were first coined by Adam Kreek, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and Olympic gold medalist. He found traditional goals weren’t keeping up with the fast-paced environment most businesses and people find themselves in today. Kreek came up with the acronym CLEAR to describe a new way to set goals.

CLEAR goals are:
  • Collaborative: encourage you to work together with others in teams
  • Limited: limited in terms of space and scope
  • Emotional: tap into your energy and passion to make an emotional connection
  • Appreciable: can be broken down into smaller goals
  • Refinable: firm objects but flexible enough to change when presented with new information and situations
Use the CLEAR goals model to create and achieve all your goals this new year. Your resolution can be personal or professional, as long as it’s clear and compelling. Make resolutions that can be built, embraced, and achieved by every member of your team, whether your team is your family and friends or an executive team.

Use the NLP techniques and VAKOG system to create new year’s resolutions

Acronyms are great ways to help you remember complex terms and pieces of information. Just like CLEAR goals, NLP techniques and the VAKOG system can help you create new year’s resolutions.

How to use NLP techniques to reach goals 

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological modeling approach used by successful people to analyze strategies and apply them to personal goals. NLP techniques help people create change and manifest personal growth in themselves and others.

Start by clarifying what you want and imagine what it means to achieve this goal. Next, you will need to access useful beliefs, states, and strategies to achieve your goal. Finally, you will determine what you will need to stay on track. Goals can be achieved by using NLP techniques and hypnotherapy. 

Hypnotherapy can help change restrictive thought patterns and make room for positive development. A hypnotherapist trained in NLP communicates more efficiently with clients and can help develop a winning strategy for improving understanding and motivation for achieving goals and resolutions.

Adopting the VAKOG system

The VAKOG (Visual, Auditive, Kinäs­thetic, Ol­factorially, Gus­tatoric) system is an NLP technique to describe how we record and store information in our brain through the five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste). According to the VAKOG system, we use the five senses with a different emphasis to perceive the environment.

Adopt the VAKOG system to engage your senses and achieve your new year’s resolutions! Once engaged, your subconscious brain will drive on a path to create the visuals, sounds, feelings, smells, and tastes on the road to success. 

Once again, hypnotherapy can be used in unison with VAKOG to help you create a compelling vision of achieving your new year’s resolutions.

Habits associated with successful resolutions

The key to successful new year’s resolutions is positive thinking. Strengthen your self-image by believing you can change, strengthening your willpower as you work towards your goals. Don’t forget to reward yourself for your ongoing success. Celebrate the successes, no matter how small they may seem. 

Avoid temptation and self-sabotage by staying positive and creating healthy habits. Negative thinking will result in the failure of your new year’s resolutions. Do not berate yourself or your progress.

Achieve your new year’s resolutions with a positive attitude

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals this new year by changing your limiting beliefs and mindset. You can achieve anything you set your mind to with the help of a certified hypnotherapist. Contact me to learn how hypnotherapy you achieve your personal and professional goals in 2022.


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