Finding Purpose After 50: Navigating Self-Discovery, Art, and Emotions

Finding Purpose After 50: Navigating Self-Discovery, Art, and Emotions

Ever found yourself at a crossroads, grappling with loss of identity and purpose, especially as you cross the threshold of 50?

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It's a common experience for many women who have dedicated their lives to familial responsibilities. But fear not! In our latest podcast episode, we have the pleasure of introducing Susan Young, a Certified Holistic Life Coach who firmly believes in the transformative power of stillness, meditation, and art. Join us as we embark on a journey towards rediscovering our purpose and regaining our identities.

Embracing the Pause:
With the pandemic's imposed pause, Susan enlightens us on how this unique period can be seen as an opportunity for introspection and self-discovery. She shares valuable insights on how to utilize this time to delve deep within ourselves, demystifying the path to finding purpose after 50. Susan's passion and precision will leave you inspired to embrace the transformative power of stillness, meditation, and art.

Unleashing Creative Drives:
During our conversation with Susan, we explore the intriguing world of intuitive art and creativity. Together, we break down barriers and fears that may have held you back from embracing your creative drives. Join us in tapping into the therapeutic benefits of art journaling during the pandemic, and learn how to process emotions through creativity. Susan's expertise in art therapy and coaching promises to be an eye-opening experience for anyone seeking a deeper level of self-expression.

Managing Emotions and Practicing Self-Care:
Susan's personal journey of overcoming a challenging past and embracing her true identity through art, therapy, and coaching serves as a beacon for those looking to reclaim themselves. In this episode, we delve into the art of recognizing and managing emotions, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a window of tolerance. Susan's wise guidance offers practical tips for navigating emotional suppression and finding a path to emotional well-being.

Understanding ADHD and Personal Growth:
Lastly, Susan shares her recent self-discovery and experience with her ADHD diagnosis. We tackle common symptoms like procrastination, overwhelm, and hyper-focus, and explore the impact they can have on daily life. As we venture into the complex terrain of executive functioning, Susan offers guidance on prioritizing tasks and managing sensitivities associated with ADHD. Together, we uncover strategies to live a healthy, connected, and purpose-filled life.

Join Us on the Journey:
Don't miss out on this empowering exploration of personal growth, self-discovery, art, and purpose. Susan Young's incredible wisdom and experience will guide you towards finding purpose after 50. Whether you're searching for a way to reclaim your identity, harness your creativity, or navigate the challenges of ADHD, this podcast episode is your roadmap to living a fulfilled and connected life. Tune in and embark on a transformational journey today!