Finding Purpose with Diaz Dixon

Finding Purpose with Diaz Dixon
Are you on a journey to find your true purpose in life? 🌟 

We've got a treat for you! In this week's upcoming episode of The Wild Sage Society Podcast, we dive deep into the topic of discovering your purpose with Diaz Dixon.

Diaz Dixon, a seasoned expert in guiding individuals and organizations towards their true purpose, shares insights that will leave you inspired and motivated. Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect from Episode 42:

🔹 Evolution of Purpose: Explore how your purpose evolves over time, aligning with your life's unique journey.
🔹 Emotional Intelligence: Learn about the incredible power of emotional intelligence in building meaningful relationships and navigating life's challenges.
🔹 Belonging vs. Fitting In: Discover the transformative effects of embracing authentic connections that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion.
🔹 From Pain to Purpose: Get inspired by Diaz's personal journey from adversity to impact, and how you can find purpose in your own story.

Ready to uncover the secrets to a purpose-driven life? Tune in to Episode 42 of The Wild Sage Society Podcast, and join us in this enlightening conversation with Diaz Dixon. Tune in and get ready to ignite your sense of purpose!

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In our latest podcast episode, Certified Holistic Life Coach Susan Young shares her insights on navigating self-discovery, art, and emotions after 50. With the pandemic's imposed pause, Susan enlightens us on how this unique period can be seen as an opportunity for introspection and finding purpose. We explore the world of intuitive art and creativity, breaking down barriers and fears that have held us back from embracing our creative drives. Susan's personal journey of overcoming a challenging past and embracing her true identity through art, therapy, and coaching serves as a beacon for those looking to reclaim themselves. Lastly, Susan shares her recent self-discovery with ADHD and provides guidance on managing sensitivities and living a purpose-filled life. Don't miss out on this empowering exploration of personal growth and join us on a transformational journey today!