Living on Purpose: Embracing the Natural Cycles and Rhythms

Living on Purpose:  Embracing the Natural Cycles and Rhythms
Welcome to The Wild Sage Society, where we believe in the power of embracing the natural cycles and rhythms of our planet. Discover why all our workshops, webinars, and signature events are carefully planned around these powerful moments, allowing you to harness the energies of our planet allies and the cardinal directions.

The Medicine Wheel Theory is deeply rooted in Native and Indigenous cultures and represents the circle of lessons that guide us through life's journey. It teaches us that everything in existence is alive and holds a sacred purpose. Each living thing, whether it be a stone, tree, creature, cloud, sun, moon, or human being, is seen as a relative and a teacher. By embracing this holistic worldview, we can deepen our connection to the Great Mystery and evolve spiritually.

At The Wild Sage Society, we recognize the profound influence of celestial events on our lives and the energies they bring forth. We plan our offerings around these events to maximize the transformative power available to us. Our signature events are thoughtfully scheduled during the Equinoxes and Solstices, as well as the changing of seasons or cardinal directions, according to the Medicine Wheel Theory.

The Equinoxes, which occur in spring and autumn, mark the moments when day and night are of equal length. These events symbolize balance and harmony, reminding us to seek equilibrium within ourselves and our relationship with the world. Our signature events during the Equinoxes focus on self-reflection, inner alignment, and embracing new beginnings.

The Solstices, celebrated in summer and winter, represent the extremes of light and darkness. They invite us to honor both the expansiveness of life and the introspective nature of the shadows. Our signature events during the Solstices emphasize personal growth, soulful introspection, and embracing the cycles of life.

In addition to the Equinoxes and Solstices, we also plan our offerings around the changing seasons and cardinal directions. Each season carries its unique energies and lessons, and by aligning with these natural transitions, we can deepen our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.

For example, during the South direction of the Medicine Wheel, which represents birth and new beginnings, we focus on workshops and webinars that nurture personal growth, self-discovery, and cultivating a solid foundation.  We just celebrated the changing of direction and the start of the 3rd quarter of 2023, at our sold out Summer Solstice Workshop and Fire Ceremony.

As we move towards the West direction, associated with introspection and transformation, we delve into topics such as healing, shadow work, and embracing change.  Join us for our signature Fall Equinox Self Transformation Summit - CLICK HERE to learn more!

The North direction, symbolizing wisdom and the elder stage of life, inspires us to explore workshops and events centered around ancestral wisdom, mentoring, and embracing the legacy we leave behind.  We have several events planned, including our signature Vision Casting, Goal Setting and Manifesting Workshopto support us in successfully transitioning both personallly and professionally, from 2023 to 2024; check out our events page. 

Lastly, the East direction represents new horizons, expansion, and spiritual growth. Workshops and events during this phase focus on topics like personal empowerment, intuitive development, and aligning with our life purpose.

By aligning our offerings with celestial events and the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel Theory, The Wild Sage Society provides a nurturing and transformative space for all seekers. Whether you join us for workshops, webinars, or our signature events, you can trust that each experience is thoughtfully planned to help you harmonize with the natural cycles and rhythms of our planet. Embrace the transformative power of celestial events and the cardinal directions, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and connection with nature's wisdom.