LEF, Koshas, & Chakras
Surrounding the physical body is a luminous energy field or LEF, that informs our cells, genes, and microbiome how to live and act in harmony.  This field is invisible to most of us, but some can see this as an “Aura'' or halo of color around a person's body. This field of light and vibration determines what you manifest in your body and the outside world.  If you have a wound or pattern created in self-defense or an unresolved story, it can contribute to an illness or undesirable outcome.
Alberto Villoldo often says that we can think of the "LEF" as a type of software that instructs our DNA, the hardware, to grow and repair the body.  Until you have experienced this form of energy work, the LEF informs the body according to genetic instructions inherited from your parents.  It replicates the physical conditions and the psychological stories and dramas that carry through generations. When this LEF is degraded, it creates disharmony in the body.
In shamanism, there are four layers to the LEF.  According to Ayurveda (the world’s oldest health system and sister science of yoga based on the mind-body connection), we actually have five bodies that exist far outside our physical bodies.  These are called “Koshas”.
Koshas are the different energetic layers or bodies we have that are connected to our soul.  Our physical reality manifests as our energetic, mental, intuitive, and spiritual realities, and vice versa.  Only when we understand the connection between these layers do we become empowered.  Each layer has its own radio station or frequency.
We as humans are not one-layered.  You are not just your body, nor your mind, nor any one layer of your body.  You are a combination of them, and each layer is in communication with the other.
For true transformation, we need a reformation of the body (physical body), breath (energetic body), mind (mental body), intuitive (intuitive body), and bliss level (bliss body).
There are two binding forces that keep the Luminous Energy Field connected to the physical body; The Electromagnetic field and the Chakra system.


The Electromagnetic field is the primary “glue” that holds the LEF to the physical body.  It surrounds the body and is generated by the electrical activity of the nervous system.


This Chakra system secures the LEF to the spinal column.   The Chakras are like energy funnels rooted to the spine, a direct pipeline to the human neural network.  These spinning vortexes of light are where energy is received and released and exchanged with nature.   Every negative imprint in the LEF is linked to Chakras through which it releases its toxic data into the central nervous system.  
Think of the 7 primary Chakras as extending one or two inches above the skin, and connecting down to your spinal cord.  They each have their unique frequency that we perceive as one of the seven colors of the rainbow.    As we grow older the colors become duller. The trauma and loss in our lives leave toxic residues behind like a sludge adhering to the chakras. Fear and limiting beliefs can create blockages and impede energy flowing through each of the chakras and the healthy flow of energy moving through our physical bodies. When Chakras lose their ability to vibrate at their optimum frequency it affects our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.  By clearing and resetting the Chakras, we can experience new potential as energy flows freely and positively.
We offer Chakra Clearing sessions that combine Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Energy Work, Crystal Therapy, and Sound Therapy using crystal bowls and tuning forks (specifically tuned for each Chakra).  Not all of the modalities mentioned are used in one session.  These sessions can be booked in 60 or 90-minute increments.  We recommend clearing your Chakras at least once a month depending on the amount of stress, overwhelm, and burnout in your life and the quality of your thoughts, sleep, and energy.  For best results integrating Chakra Clearings into Coaching Sessions with Marcie can be a super powerful way to stay aligned with your goals, dreams, and ambitions.
 If you're curious if a Chackra Balancing could help you?


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