5 Reasons to Work with a Coach

5 Reasons to Work with a Coach

Are you….
  1. Feeling stuck and something needs to shift in your life?
  2. Seeing where your life is heading and don’t like it?
  3. Asking “How do I become the best version of myself?”
  4. Have a longing to create a meaningful and purposeful life?
  5. Have unactualized goals, dreams, and desires? And beat yourself up because you haven’t achieved them?
Feeling stuck in life can feel hopeless and debilitating.  There are many reasons you could be feeling this way.  Feeling stuck starts with your mindset.  
Recall a time when you felt stuck and were spinning in overwhelm. Was your body tense and filled with nervous energy and your mind was creating a narrative on why you are worthless or broken?

Your current frame of mind plays a VERY important role in creating positive changes in our lives. It is difficult to be open to meaningful change or realigning our story with sustainable transformation if you are operating from a state of “fight-flight-freeze-frantic-fearful-frustrated”.  Coaching can shift people from a “problem state” into a “possibility perspective.” 

Oftentimes people start a journey of self-improvement to figure out why they are broken or feel worthless.  Some people’s self-improvement journey is to live their best life and be the best version of themself.  Regardless of where you are on your journey, it starts by developing your self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the ability to see oneself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection. It involves being aware of different aspects of the self, including traits, behaviors, and feelings. Self-awareness is the basis for a theory that states, “you are not your thoughts, but the entity observing your thoughts.”; as the thinker, you’re separate from your thoughts.  Thoughts, actions, and beliefs are the fruit of our biology and programming.  The more embedded the belief, the more susceptible we are to our biases and “blind spots.” 

Obtaining a greater understanding of yourself, your life, and the experience of being fully supported can be life-changing. The combination of awareness, curious exploration, choice, strengths, and commitment is a recipe for transformation. Suddenly the negative thoughts limiting you have now shifted to curiosity around how you can have a meaningful and fulfilling life, you’ve always dreamed of.

Working with a coach can develop your self-awareness, connect the dots in your life to increase insights that will lead to goal-related actions, and assist you in cultivating positive habits and behaviors. With a custom action plan, you will learn to ‘own’ your circumstances and take control of your life through the use of practical tools designed to relieve stress, stop suffering, and help you find the solutions you need to get your life on your “track”.

Marcie Walker is a stress relief and purpose expert that empowers clients and creates sustainable positive life changes through certified clinical hypnotherapy. Her holistic approach attunes your body for success through guided meditation, goal setting, and powerful coaching, allowing you to access your full potential. 

Marcie Walker is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Executive Leadership and Development Coach, and Certified Life Coach. She focuses on holistic wellness through brain-based coaching and body-centered hypnotherapy designed to improve focus, relieve stress, and treat immune disorders and trauma resolution. 

Marcie also works with executives to address the physiological and psychological needs of their teams. As a former CFO for a large construction company and someone who struggled with a stress-related illness for 10 years, Marcie Walker brings a unique perspective to corporate coaching and stress resiliency training.

In particular, Marcie really loves helping highly competent women thrive in workplaces and businesses. This is more challenging than it may seem. They often feel trapped because they become really good at a wide variety of skills, and because they’re so good people feel threatened by them. This can lead them to feel really undervalued for all that they do.


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