Coaching Through the Great Resignation​

How Coaching can help navigate you through the Great Resignation.

According to the Harvard Business and Review, the labor market we are living through today is the result of five factors that were exacerbated by the pandemic. Calling “these factors the Five R’s:
  1.  Retirement 
  2.  Relocation 
  3.  Reconsideration
  4.  Reshuffling
  5.  Reluctance
Workers are retiring in greater numbers but aren’t relocating in large numbers; they’re reconsidering their work-life balance and care roles; they’re making localized switches among industries, or reshuffling, rather than exiting the labor market entirely; and, because of pandemic-related fears, they’re demonstrating a reluctance to return to in-person jobs.”

Harvard Business and Review also discovered during their survey that those who quit and are now employed elsewhere are more likely than not to say their current job has better pay, more opportunities for advancement, and more work-life balance and flexibility. Yes! More work-life balance and flexibility, with better pay and more opportunity?! Say it louder for those in the back?!

Give it up for my generation (Gen-X) that first uttered the phrase work-life balance. Reflecting on my career journey during the time of my corporate career, my self-care habits, and my primary role as a single mom, at the end of the day I was drained, exhausted, and burned out.  As a result of leaving my fuel tank so empty for so long, I manifested a mystery illness. Within three weeks of resigning all of my symptoms including the daily hives and rashes disappeared.
As a high achiever and someone who grappled with a stress-related illness for a decade, I understand firsthand and on a visceral level, the impact of stress and the lack of meaningful work has on an employee.  As a former CFO of a construction company, I could see how stressed employees teetering on the edge of burnout affected the company’s bottom line and its culture.

When I founded Marcie Walker LLC, I did so to focus on holistic wellness through brain-based coaching and body-centered hypnotherapy. My goals have always been to help people own their circumstances and take control of their lives by providing practical tools to relieve stress, stop suffering, and find solutions.

In my current chapter of life, being a stress relief, and purpose expert, I’ve seen, heard, and been coaching my way through the Great Resignation.  Several acquaintances, friends, old co-workers, and clients have all echoed the words “I’m burned out! And I’ve realized that life is too short to do work I hate, or that feels meaningless.”  Usually followed with “and I’m not sure what to do about it.”

When working with clients, our starting point is typically to treat the stress and create shifts from a state of fight-flight-freeze-frantic-fearful-frustrated to flow-flourish, peace-possibility, calm-connect, create-confident. Once the Monkey Mind is quiet and our nervous system is stabilized it becomes easier to shed old stories and write new, more interesting, and beneficial ones that will guide you to live in abundance fearlessly.

In the next two months, I will be graduating from the Dharma Coaching Institute, with a double Certification as a Dharma Coach and Spiritual Life Coach.  I am elated to add the proven methodology learned during this phenomenal training to my toolbox in my coaching and hypnotherapy practice, and to be of service to those who are disgruntled with the direction their life and career is heading or saying to themselves “there’s got to be something more out there for me”.

If those statements sound like you, stay tuned to learn more about Dharma, the four types of Dharma, and the five stages of Dharma.  Until my next blog here is a sneak peek of what is to come…


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