How the hula hoop changed my life…
I remember it like it was yesterday, it was 2007, and I was at Wingfield Park in downtown Reno for Earth Day.  In the distance, I saw this woman dancing freely in the park with a hula hoop as her prop.  I approached her and promptly bought a custom-made hula hoop from her.  I was hooked instantly.  My hula hoop became my best friend and I took a deep dive into the “hooping” culture.  Truthfully, I was obsessed with how I felt when I was learning all the tricks and moves I could from YouTube or at in-person workshops.  I traveled to Oakland, Bend, and Hawaii then hosted workshops locally for the chance to learn from anyone and everyone I could.  
In 2011, I founded Hoop-O-Lution and ran hoop classes out of various yoga and dance studios in Reno until 2014 when family priorities needed to shift.  
What that spinning prop taught me ranged from centrifugal force to embodiment.  I learned about healthy boundaries, how to find my flow state, and discovered grace for myself.  I firmly believe that the hula hoop and hooping was a catalyst for my growth and are responsible for where I am now in my life.
During the pandemic, I saw an opportunity to start teaching beginner hoop dance classes again.  I currently teach classes every Wednesday night as a way to help me and others shed their covid pounds and connect with others at a safe distance.
Reflecting on my personal journey with the hula hoop I am reminded of the testimonial I received from a local chiropractor about the health benefits of hula hooping.
“As a Chiropractor, I am constantly seeking new and better ways to treat and rehabilitate and empower my patients naturally. The Hula Hoop is a wonderful tool for accomplishing these goals and more for my patients.
It is tough finding pleasant and doable exercises for improving the health and strength and general functionality of the core of the musculoskeletal system. We hear about “strengthening the core” which is truly important, making it critical for spinal health and stability. Hula hooping is ideal for this function and is easily done by most patients.
What is less apparent is the role hooping has in keeping the nervous system happy and healthy. While those spinning hoops are exercising the core and other muscles their action is coordinating and organizing the nervous system at gross and fine levels. Also, the use of the Hula Hoop is supporting and improves the overall brain health and activity keeping it young and alive.
And finally, I have to share that I am a hoopster. I add the hula hoop to every morning exercise routine and find it has added much to my fitness as well as the fun of exercise. I have hoops at the office and home for invigoration breaks as well. Hooping is healthy and smart! ~ From: Dr. Clyde Porter
If you are local, I invite you to come give hula hooping a try and bring a friend!!  To reserve a spot, click here!


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