Your Mindset is Your Inner Game
mindset is a set of attitudes we hold; beliefs that determine how we handle situations. 

In most cases, our beliefs are not our own.  We’ve been brainwashed.  Unconscious beliefs are embedded at a cellular level from birth.  Our mindsets help us spot opportunities & trap us in self-defeating cycles.  Hello, self-sabotage!
The adults during our upbringing passed on to us their personal views of the world. They taught us opinions about everything & everyone, what we are, what we are not, what we can do, what we cannot do, they told us their opinions about everybody & what they thought of themselves. It is like downloading a program onto a computer. 
Maybe the adults in your life even decided what you’re supposed to believe but in order for any of their opinions or points of view or beliefs to begin to take hold, you had to agree in order to be accepted which is built into our species as a requirement of survival. 
Unfortunately, if our view of the world is infected with irrational fear, it acts like a virus in the program creating agreements & eventually beliefs anchored in the very same fear. A baby doesn’t have a religious belief, a political party affiliation, or a favorite sports team. They are not racists, homophobic, liberal, or conservative.  It doesn’t judge the world as dangerous, scarce, unfair, biased, or discriminatory. It doesn’t have body image issues, fear of failure, or hang-ups about money. All those beliefs will be programmed into it, all those beliefs will be unconsciously adopted or unconsciously rebelled against.
Recorded in the brain cells of every person are these videotapes of every childhood experience & feeling you’ve ever had including fear, love, anger, joy, dependency, demandingness, insecurity, self-centeredness, and inadequacy, all these feelings are these little video tapes.  These conditioned beliefs about ourselves and the world are continuing to author your story. These beliefs continue to shape your destiny but they don’t have to. 
What I do as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, is to help clients become aware of any “automatic defensive coping mechanism (from infancy or childhood) that hardens into a fixed personality pattern”.  Clients learn practical tools & processes to unwind any blocks, beliefs, & patterns that keep them feeling “stuck”, exhausted & overwhelmed. 
As a Certified Dharma and Spiritual Life Coach,  help clients answer the unanswered call in their life to be better or do more with their lives.  Clients discover their innate superpowers and we co-create an action plan toward their goals.
If you or someone you know is feeling “stuck”, exhausted, overwhelmed, or like their life is missing purpose, please reach out.  I’m here for you!


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